20-year chart of U.S. crude oil per barrel

20-year chart of U.S. crude oil per barrel

On the 7th of this month, the United States imposed the first round of economic sanctions on Iran. Afterwards, the United Nations immediately stated that it would continue to uphold the Iran nuclear agreement. As always, UN Secretary-General Guterres believes that the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue is a diplomatic achievement and will continue to encourage countries to support this agreement. The 20-year chart of U.S. crude oil per barrelDeputy Spokesperson of the United Nations Secretary-General Hacker said that the United Nations will pay attention to the humanitarian impact caused by the resumption of sanctions, and emphasized that it is very important for Iran and relevant parties to continue to abide by the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. The best way.

An energy expert said that U.S. oil is facing price pressures in the latter part of the fall, and any price increase caused by increased demand and the interruption of oil transportation may be temporary. In the next six to seven weeks, crude oil demand will be seen to drop by about 500,000 barrels per day.

The interruption of oil supply in non-OPEC countries has reached 750,000 barrels per day, a 5-month high. However, as the Syncrude plant in Canada resumes production, most of the supply issues will be resolved soon. In addition, Bank of America Merrill Lynch stated that a new agreement between Sudan and South Sudan may increase Sudan's oil output. At the same time, Canada, Brazil, and the United States are expected to increase oil production. These three countries continue to promote oil production growth in countries other than OPEC. In general, the measures to increase production will increase new oil supply in the second half of 208. Bank of America Merrill Lynch said in the report that this will put upward pressure on Brent crude oil prices.

Postponement fee: In the external market, a similar type of fee is called a warehouse interest or overnight fee. The purpose is generally understood as a price method to encourage intraday transactions. Like the external disk, the extension fee for the internal disk is automatically calculated and deducted based on a certain percentage based on the daily settlement price.

According to the analysis of Zang Wengang, a refined oil analyst at Zhuo Chuang Information, the traditional gasoline and diesel consumption peak season for the Golden 9th and the Silver 10th is coming, which will support domestic refined oil. In addition, the gasoline and diesel inventory of local refineries is at a low level. The wholesale and retail price difference will continue to narrow, and at that time, it is likely that the sales of refined oil products will be inverted again. As of this round of price adjustment cycle, the theoretical profit of domestic main 0# diesel oil is 76 yuan/ton, and the theoretical profit of local refinery 0# diesel is 22 yuan/ton. This is the theoretical spread calculated by the National Development and Reform Commission’s maximum price limit, and the actual situation can only be lower. Zang Wengang, an analyst at Zhuochuang Information, said.

The Libyan National Petroleum Corporation announced the resumption of control of the eastern oil port. The company said that after the Libyan Defense Forces handed over the port to them, the four export terminals will be reopened, and crude oil output and exports will return to normal in the next few hours. Affected by this, the U.S. and Burundi crude oil fell one after another. Brent crude oil fell 2%, the lowest level in two days;20-year chart of U.S. crude oil per barrel WTI crude oil fell nearly%.

US crude oil imports increased by 870,000 barrels per day last week to 700,000 barrels per day, the largest weekly import volume since mid-February. The daily oil refining capacity increased by 505,000 barrels. The refinery capacity utilization rate rose 4 percentage points to 90.%, the highest since early February.

After the international subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, despite the shrinking external demand, my country launched a 4 trillion investment stimulus policy, adopted strong stimulus to real estate and infrastructure investment, and real estate prices rose rapidly. The financial cycle is up, and the economy is overheating. At the same time, the increase in crude oil prices has led to a rapid increase in CPI and PPI. During this period, growth and inflation have shown an upward process together, starting from 0 in 200 to July in 20. , The central bank raised deposit and loan interest rates five times in a row to curb inflation.

But McKenna added: Whether the sanctions are in line with expectations is far from certain. Germany has stated that it will protect its companies from the impact of US sanctions. Iran also said that the French oil giant Total has not yet withdrawn from its oil fields.