U.S. crude oil trends over the past 25 years

U.S. crude oil trends over the past 25 years

Judging from the crude oil trend chart, on the daily chart, yesterday's market showed a clear volatility at the 68 line. It can be seen that after experiencing the previous wave of strong shocks, the current operating kinetic energy of crude oil has been greatly weakened, although it has been A positive event was identified, but before the event, crude oil could not get more help for the time being. On the contrary, the rebound of the U.S. index could affect the trend of oil prices in the near future. Together with the further increase in thU.S. crude oil trends over the past 25 yearse previous inventory, the short-term crude oil Still under pressure. In the picture, the price of crude oil has fallen back below US$68, and the market outlook may look to US$67, but the decline is not expected to be large.

This is an excellent opportunity to buy oil. We will get to the right price... No one has heard that crude oil futures prices can be negative. He said that he is considering adding another 75 million barrels of crude oil to the U.S. strategic petroleum reserve to buy the upper limit of the reserve inventory.

Constantly look at the same graph, look at the same type of graph, look at the past graphs that have become history, look at the whole picture of big rises and falls, and look at the graphs that are walking. Look at the specific movements of the big rises and falls. The process, every time I look at it, I feel different.

At the beginning of this year, the U.S. oil production suddenly soared, making OPEC, which had been planning to cut production smoothly, directly hit a wall, and as U.S. oil production surpassed Saudi Arabia and approached Russia, many people were worried about whether OPEC's production cuts could still be done like this. To achieve the expected purpose, will OPEC cut production ahead of schedule? It is precisely this kind of worry that continues to spread, leading to a plunge in crude oil prices in February this year.

Wood Mackenzie believes that the US onshore oil production will not be able to meet the growth of global oil demand, so conventional projects are needed to fill the supply gap. With the slowdown in production growth in non-OPEC countries, the importance of OPEC oil production after 202 has increased. When OPEC manages oil prices, it will pay more attention to ensuring that upstream investment can keep up with the reduction of oil inventories, and the next 0 years or so. The increase in demand.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on July 2, as Venezuela’s historic crisis intensifies, Venezuela’s inflation rate may reach 000000% before the end of the year. According to a survey conducted by Venezuela’s opposition authorities, Venezuela’s coU.S. crude oil trends over the past 25 yearsnsumer price index has increased by 4605% this year.

In fact, as mentioned in previous articles on China Oil.com, crude oil prices have continued to rise to new highs recently. Especially after breaking through the 70 mark, the rise has not been significantly reduced, but is seeking a breakthrough in further upwards. Therefore, in such a In the process of rising, it is very likely that there will be a trend of correction, especially the factors supporting the rise of oil prices mainly come from changes in the situation in the Middle East. Once the situation cools down and the bulls weaken, the market rise will slow down significantly. At that time, the market will choose to leave at a high position.

However, it is interesting that although fund managers are holding fewer and fewer positions, oil prices continue to rise. Although no more long positions appeared, it did not bring any obvious pressure to the trend of WTI crude oil.