California crude oil prices

California crude oil prices

At that time, it was in a state of unilateral development, and 70% of the time was shock finishing. A mature trader not only has to learn how to grasp tCalifornia crude oil priceshe unilateral market, but also how to deal with the volatile market is a compulsory course for every trader. The first thing to do in the shock interval is to find the high and low points of the interval, that is, the fluctuation point interval of the market, and it is enough to sell high and low slag in the interval. Of course, when the market always breaks, just follow up after the break is established. It is worth noting that you should not chase the rise and fall in the volatile market! No matter which of the above methods you take, you need to wait patiently for the arrival of the best entry point. If the timing is not well grasped, it is often the trend that is right. Lost money. Because the price fluctuations in the market are not a straight line, any trend is running out of shocks. Failure to choose a good time to enter the market will make you suffer from market shocks. A good start is half the battle. Good opportunities are sometimes found, but more are patience. In the speculative market of spot crude oil, you must endure loneliness.

August crude oil futures closed up 60%, at US$70.5/barrel, a record high since May 24. Brent's August crude oil futures closed up %, at $7/barrel, which also hit a new closing high in nearly two weeks.

On Monday, February U.S. WTI crude oil futures closed down 84 US dollars, or 78%, to 486 US dollars per barrel, the largest intraday drop of more than 4%, and October fell 92%; Brent crude oil February futures closed down 4 US dollars , Or 84%, reported to US$40/barrel; October fell sharply %. The last day of October coincided with a sharp drop in Halloween U.S. tarpaulin oil. It gave up the last remaining part of the increase in October, and both recorded the three-month increase The first monthly decline.

As the midterm elections approach, it is clear that Trump wants to lower gasoline prices, but at the same time, he is also alienating the rest of the world. Apart from Saudi Arabia, are there any other countries that will listen, or obey, or cooperate? Tamas, PVM Petroleum Association strategist

However, it is worth noting that after the US continued to increase production and became a net exporter of crude oil, it lost the oil market, which means that there may be a backlog of oil that cannot be sold in the country. Because Canada's timely oil exports are also the source of oil imports, the ever-increasing U.S. shale oil production has lost the largest market in Asia, and the export volume will be affected, which will affect the fluctuations of international oil prices.

He further stated that the current sell-off in the oil market may have a broader impact and will directly affect the pricCalifornia crude oil pricese trend. The oil market has just returned to balance in the past few years, so in the next few weeks, oil price changes will become very cautious.

Xi Jiarui believes that U.S. crude oil is gaining market share in the global market faster and faster. This will become a dark horse that will affect international oil prices in the next few years. In the future, the global crude oil supply pattern will form a triad of U.S.-Russia-OPEC.