Weekly crude oil spot price (in USD per barrel) in oil; see the problem

Weekly crude oil spot price (in USD per barrel) in oil; see the problem

At the same time, the neWeekly crude oil spot price (in USD per barrel) in oil; see the problemws that the United States recently announced that it will impose sanctions on Iran will adversely affect Iranian crude oil exports. However, IEA believes that it is too early to judge its impact on crude oil prices. It also depends on whether other oil-producing countries can fill the supply gap, ensure the orderly flow of crude oil into the market, and offset the interference caused by Iranian export restrictions. .

First of all, after being locked in, any order we make is passive. Therefore, we should reduce or liquidate positions in a timely manner, and crude oil margin trading will be forcibly liquidated. Regardless of the result, we will go through a difficult psychological journey. After being covered, I truly realized how important it is to enter.

Kilduff said that Brent crude oil is moving towards the $90 per barrel level because the Trump administration will not easily issue many sanctions exemptions. Due to the current shortage of crude oil in the global market, if Iran chooses to close the Strait of Hormuz, the price of Brent crude oil may soar to US$00 per barrel.

According to data released by the General Administration of Customs on February 25, the scale of crude oil imports from the United States in the month was zero for two consecutive months. In 208, the crude oil imported from the United States was 24,566 barrels per day, a year-on-year increase of 25%.

Obviously, if there is a reduction in API inventory tonight, then crude oil prices can break through and stabilize at 69 US dollars, and if EIA inventories are further consistent with API results tomorrow, oil prices may reach 70 US dollars this Wednesday. Quotes. But if the API inventory is negative tonight, even if the current crude oil price fluctuates at 69, the market outlook may return to a downward state, looking down to 68 dollars. If EIA stocks also increase in the future, the decline in crude oil is expected to continue to expand to US$67.

This seems to give OPEC members another reason to increase production: due to insufficient carrying capacity of the pipeline, some shale oil extractioWeekly crude oil spot price (in USD per barrel) in oil; see the problemn companies in the Permian Basin may be forced to shut down oil wells within 4 months, the largest crude oil in the United States. The increased production engine may also stall.