Crude oil market time 4/14/17

Crude oil market time 4/14/17

In summary, the international crude oil price volatility increases the possibility of this round of refined oil price adjustments. If refined oil is adjusted according to the mechanism, after today, a 50L private car will cost an extra 5 yuan to Crude oil market time 4/14/17fill a box of 92# gasoline. At the same time, the next round of refined oil price adjustments may also face the possibility of rising.

India's foreign exchange reserves have been affected. DBS analysts at DBS said in a recent report: The challenging global environment has forced the Central Bank of India to intervene aggressively this year to curb the devaluation of the rupee... The decline in foreign exchange reserves has been significant.

Except for Ecuador, countries such as Iraq, Libya and Nigeria are reluctant to cut production. These countries have experienced years of war, and they hope to relieve their country’s plight by relying on oil exports. Even though Iraq is the second largest oil producer in the OPEC country after Saudi Arabia, its 4.5 million barrels per day oil production is still a big gap with Saudi Arabia.

And Qatar Investment Authority CEO Mansour Ibrahim Mahmoud said that Qatar hopes to increase its current US$2 billion investment in the United States to US$45 billion in the next two years. Not only that, Qatar also promised the United States to expand its military bases in the country.

Kilduff, the US crude oil exports last week were second only to Saudi Arabia and Iraq. He said that in June this year, Saudi Arabia exported nearly 7.5 million barrels of crude oil per day, and Southern Iraq exported 600,000 barrels per day. Iran exports nearly 2.4 million barrels per day, and the United States is seeking to remove these exports from Iran through sanctions.

The first two sentences are to make adequate preparations for trading and to makeCrude oil market time 4/14/17 a trading plan. The third sentence is to trade according to your trading plan. The fourth sentence is to deal with the mentality of trading. When you can stick to these four sentences, then you are not far from a stable profit model.

Nowadays, oil prices are basically inseparable from shale oil. As soon as oil prices rise, there will be reports that U.S. shale oil will start to increase production. It seems that shale oil has become the Damocco that cannot be avoided on the top of international oil prices. Reese's sword.